Top 10 things to do in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Top 10 things to do in Stone Town, Zanzibar Stone Town is a mysterious place, a deliciously blended concoction of Read more

In England's Greenway & Pleasant Land

30 years of age. Married - check, mortgage - check, baby - check, National Trust Membership,…eek check! Strangely, it Read more

Dunes at sunrise, dune 45 Namib desert

Leaving the salty, cool breeze blowing from the sea of Swakopmund, we loaded ourselves back into the overland truck Read more

Capture The Colour Contest - Red, White, Green, Yellow, Blue

If you want to enter the contest, just post your five favorite photos that best showcase the following color Read more

Understanding a culture through food - devouring the continent in tasty titbits

Frankschhoek –  meaning ‘French corner’ in Afrikaans is known as the ‘gourmet capital of South Africa’ and uncannily resembles Read more

Journey to the craggy Isle, Mull, Scotland

Exploring the Scottish Isle of Mull I’m ashamed to say that I am more familiar with the continent of Africa Read more

Night of a thousand wolves, Alpes-Maritimes, France

Scary japers with gnashery furry foes…

antibes view france-1

Jo, Soph, wake up, there’s something outside the tent!”, I hiss whilst jabbing my friends sharply in their sides. The three of us were young whippersnappers on a jaunt around France for the first of our long summers away from University. Carefree and without a single laid plan or booking arrangement, our adventures were determined by random meetings, chance decisions and the type of creativity that accompanies a student’s lack of funds.

Throwing Fire starting Alpes Maritimes Franceeveryday caution to the wind, we learnt life skills such as how to build a campfire, master the art of not paying train fares – (we got all the way to Monaco from Biot and a bit of the way back before being frisked by a conductor “CagNES sur Mer” we muttered in our worst French accent, hoping to convince him we were ignorant innocent English folk and not French students who should know better…), hitchhike with a camera crew from the Tour de France and how to drink five litres of rosé wine in one evening. After non-successful attempts to get work on the yachts that line the harbours of the French South (we didn’t try too hard), we ditched the Mediterranean for more alpine climes, and were now happily ensconced in a campsite in a fairly rural part of Southern France. Read more

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Tips on how to get from Zanzibar to Malawi overland (mostly)

I’m leaving on a jet plane.., then a taxi, then a train, then another taxi…

tazara train tanzania sunset 2

Hours I spent pouring over guide books, scrutinising web forums, googling routes and asking friends how to get from one part of Africa to another.  I was nervous about how we would get from location A (Zanzibar) to destination B (Malawi) – a mere 1000km or so – as there was no direct route or seemingly succinct itinerary.  ‘The train only leaves on a Tuesday and a Saturday’, ‘the train can sometimes be delayed by days’, ‘try and get a shared taxi with a few people’, ‘there are no direct buses and anyone selling a ticket is scamming you’. Normally Doug and I turn up in a place without making any plans and just see what happens, but this seemed impossible with such an unreliable transport system – especially as we needed to be in Malawi by a particular date.

Read more

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Top 10 things to do in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Top 10 things to do in Stone Town, Zanzibar

sunset stone town_zanzibar

Stone Town is a mysterious place, a deliciously blended concoction of Indian, Swahili, Moroccan and Arabic. Charming but rundown, shutters hang off their hinges, paint peels from once gleaming facades, decay where there once was extravagance.  Piles of rubble lie forgotten and wires dangle precariously, threatening to decapitate the unobservant. Hefty, beautifully carved doors with giant gold spikes (an Indian method of deterring marauding elephants) remain intact, guarding empty, decrepit buildings. Hotels, restaurants, old Merchant’s houses and a former Sultan’s palace rear up amongst decaying buildings harkening back to a once magnificent city.

Read more

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I’m not going to cook it but I’ll order it from Zanzibar!

The beginning of the travelling dream & a lot of delicious Zanzibarian grub

masaai beach kiwengwa zanzibar

It doesn’t matter how many travel segments you’ve dribbled your breakfast over, how many tropical screensavers you’ve optimistically loaded on to your computer desktop to gaze at during the most mind numbing hours at work. Nothing can prepare you for the exquisite sands, shimmering turquoise waters and skinny palm trees of Zanzibar. It’s the very incarnation of paradise. An overwhelmingly idyllic chunk of Mother Earth and the perfect place to begin a honeymoon or ‘wandermoon’ in our case. (See my 10 tips for taking a wandermoon hereRead more

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