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About ATP Travels 

ATP Travels is a blog dedicated to inspiring others to travel, seek out the quirky, delicious, soulful and hedonistic through a mixture of my own travel tales, photos and tips on places to eat, stay and play around the globe.

ATP Travels – as well as my initials – stands for All Tomorrow’s Possibilities – the prospect of the new, exciting and unknown that goes hand in hand with travel. It sums up why I love travel – how, when travelling everyday life takes normality, chews it up, swills it around and spits it out, throwing you blindly into the most random of circumstances.  Swimming alongside dolphins when you’d normally be in a (dull) meeting; jumping into an overcrowded bus alongside people whose lives are utterly different from yours instead of summoning brain power and motivation for the items on your (I Don’t Want) To Do list. Ragging a VW van across a vast expanse of desert having just jumped out of an aeroplane when you would have been staring longingly out of an office window…You get the idea.

For me, The Kinks said it best:

“This time tomorrow where will we be?
On a spaceship somewhere sailing across an empty sea…
This time tomorrow what will we know..?”  

A little about me

That’s me on the right there although I’m not wearing as much neon as normal. I am happiest outside in the sunshine.  I consider myself a bona fide West Country lass these days and my home for plotting trips away is Bristol in the UK. I do a mean velociraptor impression. My most favourite drink on this Earth is gin. I am extremely hazardous on a bicycle…this has nothing to do with the gin..well, not always.  I love to laugh loudly. I speak the ‘langue d’amour‘ having studied French at University. I’d love to speak Swahili. I was once the Editor of Alastair Sawday’s ‘French Special Places to stay’ guides, inspecting and reviewing charming B&Bs, hotels and self-catering places in France.  Following a 4-month ‘Wandermoon’ – as I like to call it – travelling across Africa, I started this blog as an online diary for interested friends and family and have continued to write about my travel adventures, offering tips and tales to inspire readers ever since.
  • Winner of the Telegraph Travel’s ‘Just Back competition’ 2013
  • Highly Commended article for Wanderlust readers writing competition


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